1 Year Later

Today, April 1st marks the one year anniversary of José’s injury.  It has been a year filled with accomplishments and numerous milestones.  Jose was discharged from Magee Hospital on August 11, 2016 and returned home.  He was welcomed with many visitors, and lots of donations of food throughout the month.  Jose began the day treatment program at Hershey Rehabilitation, four days per week, six hours per day.  It was a rigorous schedule, but for everyone that knows José, he was up for the challenge!  As usual, he made himself at home and became one of the favorites with staff and the other clients.  During his treatment, he has made progress with balancing while seated, tolerated the standing frame, and improved his range of motion in his shoulders.  He recently received funding from The Adam Taliaferro Foundation which provided him with a top-notched manual wheelchair in yes, hot pink!

Jose is no stranger to trying new things.  Since his injury, he has tried wheelchair rugby several times, played pool with an adaptive device, and most recently, tried adaptive skiing which he loved.

At home, renovations to add a bedroom downstairs for José have been ongoing since the fall.  The majority of the work has been completed on weekends and mostly during the winter months.  The goal is to have it completed by the end of April or early May.  Friends, led by Keith Mateer, Pam Mateer,
Al Worsheski, Dave Brater, Rich Perez, Bryon Houtz, Pete Phelan, Joe Bosche, José Sr., and several other volunteers have spent their free time to make this happen.  The money raised from “Hope for Jose” has been extremely helpful with paying for the materials.

We are extremely proud and grateful to have so many great friends helping and keeping us in prayer. Your continued encouragement for José is appreciated and we look forward to more progress in his recovery in the coming years.  Thank you for helping us this past year and for the continued love and support.

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