Jr. continues working hard. He had OT and PT back to back yesterday morning. Finishing withrec therapy and then speech. OT Worked on washing his face with a special cloth. She also had him working on brushing his teeth. He had a good day! Today was positive from the start. Speech as always cheers him up! Pt worked hard on arms. OT And Jose showered him in his new shower chair. Was successful. She later worked his arms. He then participated in the first part of a research project checking out the level of movement in his upper extremities. The best part of the day was that junior called his dad over to show him that he has slightly more movement than before in 3 of his left fingers!!! He was pleased. It is becoming more consistent.

Wednesday, Brian Kelly, and Brady visited which really lifted his spirits!

Look at that beautiful smile. Keep those positive vibes and continuous prayers coming!! ?❤️?????JOSESTRONG

Steve spent time with Jose today.


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