Jr. had a very positive weekend. He is a superstar! He was very energetic Saturday. He watched many of the young gymnast he has coached do a gym show at ASAP! And he really enjoyed watching them. I’m not sure how I would do in his shoes. He and Arianna had a ball together. She had him doing dance therapy by him moving his arms and head to the music. He also danced with his chair briefly! ( Video to follow)Sunday he had PT then he relaxed most of the day! Today he broke his record of assisted time standing. His first record was 2:34, then they gave him a goal of 3:00 which passed with the time of 3:25. And today he went 3:51?????????His Mood remains positive and he is looking forward to visitors this week! Keep those positive vibes and continuous prayers coming. ❤??️????JOSESTRONG

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