My nephew JOSE IS HOME!!!!???.


This is just one more great milestone in his journey to recovery! It has been 133 days since his cervical spine injury and Home has been long coming. 
Jose has come from cervical spine surgery, 14 days in the ICU, trached and vent dependent to no ventilator, no trach and working the hardest in rehab he’s worked in his life to now being home with his loving family and friends to continue on a different phase of his journey to recovery. No one has worked harder than this young man. He is and always has been in great spirits and now is so happy to be in the comfort of his home. 
Jose still has a long hard road ahead of him–in home care and therapy followed by intense outpatient therapy and he is up for the challenge.????
Upon arrival to his home this afternoon, he was greeted by his loving family and a few loving friends. He trolled the neighborhood to say “Hey I am back” Then into the house. 
No words can express how grateful and thankful Jose and his family are and have been for all the out pouring of support, frequent rehab visitation and love that Jose and the family have been given since the injury by family, friends, and followers. We love and thank you all❤️

As we know there is still much work left to be done. Jose’ will be going to Hershey Rehabilitation 6 hours, 5 days per week. He loves working out and being challenged. 
Jose is on a mission and will continue his journey with motivation, dedication, and continue to be an inspiration to many as he goes onward. 
So Jose and his family will continue to need your positive vibes, the great support and the continuous prayers as the newer journey continues in Harrisburg. WE LOVE YOU Jose Delerme❤️??????????JOSE STRONG

Jackie Morillo-Delerme's photo.

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